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Let your customers experience
your products with a try-before-you-buy solution for Shopify

Simple & easy flow

Order created icon
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Order created

Order created

Shop around

The customer looks for their favorite products

Add to cart for $0 & Checkout

The customer adds items to the cart for $0 and checks out. A Tryon tag is automatically added to the Shopify order


Tryon puts an authorization hold on the full order amount and the customer gets informed by email

Order created image
Order authorized image


Authorization hold

We put an authorization hold on the customer's card to ensure funds


Payment providers may limit the authorization time, We re-authorize the order to maintain control

Up until the end

Tryon stops the authorization only when the merchant reports the items received back from the customer



Trial start

Customer receives the items and has several days to try them at home

Trial ends

The customer decides what to keep and returns the other items

Customer report

The customer informs the merchant of the items they want to return through the regular return process

Customer starts trial
Customer returns unwanted products


Return period

There is a pre-set return period time

Merchant report

The merchant updates the items they received back from the customer on Tryon's app

Capture and close

Tryon automatically calculates the new order total amount and allows the merchant to capture and close the order

Order closed


Tryon charges the order based on the items the merchant reported as not returned, or for the full order amount if there are no returns reported (by the end of the return period)


Tryon changes the order status to "closed" and informs the customer by email

Authorization ends

Tryon releases the authorization after the funds were captured

Order is closed after charging the customer for kept items
Orde closed
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